Your Employer Does Not Care About You

Posted in Self-Improvement on Sep 30, 2016

Recently my current employer made the decision to lay off a handful of people. As you might imagine this was pretty startling for the rest of the company. The realization that our livelihoods could unexpectedly be in jeopardy was all to real.

The truth is that anyone working for someone else is taking the same risk with their livelihood. A company can decide to terminate an employee at anytime with a few exceptions. Whether or not they do that though depends on a number of factors that really aren't in your control.

I have a pretty decent remote job. I like the company culture and the people I work with. Right now my position there is pretty stable given my skills and the needs of the company. I understand however that this can change. This is why I'm taking steps to be my own boss. You should too.


No matter how great the company culture is or how awesome your bosses and executives are, the business only exists for one purpose and that is to make money. The bottom line is that your employer only cares guessed it...the bottom line. You are just a cog in the machine and can be disposed of or replaced.

I'm not suggesting that we all panic and become paranoid. I do however advise you stay mindful of this and take steps to mitigate the risk.

Start a side hustle. Figure out which valuable skills you have and see whether or not they can be provided as a freelance service. If so try and sell those services in your freetime.

For those who can hack it, working for yourself is definitely the better option.


The only person that really cares about your well-being is you.

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