What To Do When She Calls You a Player

Posted in Game on Oct 04, 2016

Game and pick-up are all about presenting the best version of you. When a woman decides to date and eventually sleep with you it's because she feels at that moment that you are worthy of her time and intimacy. Whether you are or not is irrelivant. It's all about how she feels.

You can invoke these feelings in her many different ways. There are times, however, when a woman will build up an attractive image of you in head all on her own. In this case, all you need to do is roll with it.


Recently, I was on a date with a girl I met on Bumble. I'm not a huge fan of dating apps but I would be a hypocrite If I didn't say that they can be a great supplement if you're too busy to go out and game women in person. In this case I was.

I met her out for drinks at a sports bar close to where I live. She wasn't very remarkable. In fact she was just your standard bland American chick. She had a nice slim body though so I was at least attracted to her physically.

During the date, she complained about all of the men she had met recently using online dating. Then she started to call me out as a player of sorts. She kept saying how I probably get girls to sleep with me all the time. It was flattering for sure.


Here's the thing though. It's not like that at all. I have game. I know how to talk to women and I've slept with way more women than the average American guy. Effortless, however, is not the word I would use to describe my seduction ability. I have to put in real work and sometimes it pays off.

Instead of correct her though, I just played along without actually confirming one way or the other. The conversation went a little something like this.

Her: Do girls drop their panties pretty easy for you? Just curious.

Me: Would you be surprised if I said yes?

Her: No.

I basically just let her confirm her image of me herself. A woman's attraction for you is always strongest when she feels like it was her own idea.


Shortly after, I invited her to my place and we had sex. There was no reluctance or hesitation on her part because she had already made up her mind before we arrived at my place.

The next time a woman tells you that you look like you get a lot of girls, just roll with it. What she's really saying is that she wants to be one of those girls and is just confirming what she already believes.

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