Travel Diaries: Krakow, What's The Endgame?

Posted in Travel Diaries on Oct 17, 2016

It was my second night in Krakow. My buddy and I had hit up a few clubs and bars to see if we could hook anything. I had a few good interactions and exchanged Facebook details with a Ukrainian girl. Other than that it was mostly a sausage fest. On our way back to the apartment we were approached by a somewhat cute girl.

She wanted to know if there were any good bars still open. We told her that we didn't know. She suggested we go to some bar called Hard Candy which was right next to us and that maybe it would be good. From the looks of it, it wasn't. I got a bad feeling about her almost immediately. No girl with value approaches like that.


I told her no straight away and said we were going somewhere else. My buddy had a suspicion about her as well but wanted to see how things would play out. He chatted her up and asked her simple things like where she was from and what she was doing out alone.

Her story was that she was from Warsaw and was just in town with her friend on holiday. They had just arrived that night and her friend had just wandered off earlier in the night.

This seemed all well and good but I was still suspicious. As we walked down the street towards the main square, we miraculously ran into her friend. Instead of talk with each other though, they just made a knowing glance at each other and the new girl immediately starts to talk to me.

I act pretty cold at first and she notices this right away and asks me about it. I just brush it off and decide to start interrogating her. I ask her what she does, why she's here and everything adds up until I ask when she arrived. Once she told me that she arrived a few days ago, it confirmed to me that they weren't being entirely truthful. At this point I was only still hanging around out of curiosity.

We wander around the city some more, making small talk. My girl keeps suggesting we get cocktails somewhere. My buddy suggests we just get some booze and head to our place which they immediately shoot down.

My girl suggested we find some place to get drinks again and I asked if she was some kind of alcoholic. Her face flashed red and she snapped back that she was definitely not an alcoholic. I just laughed.

After another block of walking, we found ourselves outside of some historic building. Nothing on this street looked open. The first girl then walked over to a place that looked dead inside and suggested we grab a drink there. I could have swore it was closed but she walked in the door and a barman stepped out and invited us to sit down.

The girls went and sat in separate chairs which left a couch for me and my buddy to sit at. If this was a legit situation, there would have been no chance of flirting anyway. I was getting kind of annoyed.

My buddy excused himself to use the toilet while I scanned over the drink menu. I took a look at the prices figured out their endgame pretty quickly. Time to eject.


My buddy called be from the bathroom and asked if I thought this was a scam. I simply answered yes and then hung up. Right away the girls asked if it was my buddy calling from the toilet. I just said no it was my brother and not to worry about it.

When my buddy came back I showed him the menu. He stood up and said, "Let's get the fuck out of here. There's no way I'm paying that much for drinks. Fuck this."

We got up to leave and the girls said they were going to stay and have a beer. At this point we didn't care what the fuck they did. We left and called it a night.

This was my first taste of one of the "scams" that are common in Eastern Europe. Luckily, we were able to just get up and leave and there were no hired goons forcing us to stay and have drinks. Also we were pretty sober so it was easy to see this as a scam a mile away.

The whole experience was pretty interesting but also reminded me to keep my wits about me when traveling abroad.

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