Posted in Self-Improvement on Sep 29, 2016

If you’re reading this blog or other blogs like it, more than likely you’re interested in improving yourself. Whether it’s to be able to attract more women or just to be the manliest man you can be, you’ve probably embarked on one self improvement quest or another. Exercising to lose weight and get stronger or learning a foreign language are worthy endeavors but aren’t the easiest to stick with. In order to see the true benefits you must stick with it. The key to sticking with anything is momentum.

There was a 6 month period of time where I lost 40lbs of body fat and got pretty lean. I was in the greatest shape of my life. None of that happened all at once though. The weight barely trickled off at first. By the time I had hit the ten pound mark, however, the weight started dropping exponentially faster. I hadn’t changed up anything about my workout routine or diet. I just stuck with it. I had built up that momentum and it became easier to reach new milestones.


When I was learning Persian, I started off with the alphabet. The lines and squiggles were nonsense as far as I was concerned. On top of that I had to learn to read from right to left. Once I mastered that and got the basic vocabulary and grammar rules down I could start taking on more and more knowledge at a faster rate. Again positive forward momentum played a part in my success.


The problem with self improvement and achieving goals is that it’s very easy to reverse positive momentum. After achieving the best looking body I’ve ever had I went on vacation. I stopped working out and stopped caring about what I ate. It took about 2 months to reverse 6 months of progress. If I had only done something, anything to keep from slipping backwards I could have at least maintained and continued making progress after my vacation. One day of slacking will turn into two which will turn into a week. Forward momentum is halted and can start moving backwards.

If one day you just don’t feel like following through, instead of slacking off altogether, do something small.

If it’s a workout day and you just don’t feel like going to the gym or something has come up, do a few sets of bodyweight exercises before bed.

If you’re writing a book but don’t feel like writing today, jot down a paragraph or two.

No time for language study? Learn one new word or two.


The key is to do something rather than nothing. Sometimes it only takes a little push to keep that forward momentum. Sometimes the act of forcing yourself to do something small will propel you to do even more than you originally planned. One paragraph might turn into a page or two. Five new words might turn into ten.

Always be moving forward.

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