How To Meet and Bang Girls Using Couchsurfing

Posted in Game on Oct 21, 2016

I wrote a post not too long ago about setting up dates by messaging girls on the popular site I've had some pretty good success with seducing girls on these dates and felt I could share a few things about my experience.

I'm currently on a short trip which has taken me from Poland to Ukraine. I've met up with several girls by just hitting them up on Couchsurfing. Not all of them ended up in sex but the ones that did all share a few of the same characteristics. Here are some tips you can use to improve your chances of sex when meeting girls via this method.

1. Choose the Meeting Place

Given you have an interesting profile and some good references, a lot of girls are all to happy to meet with you if you're new to their city. Just the act of meeting with you is an indicator of interest. They are however by default in a position of power because they know the city so a lot of them come with the mindset of tour guide.

To pull them out of this mindset, its best to suggest a place you're already familiar with as a meeting place. This requires you to do a little recon in the city first but helps to remove the tour guide role from their shoulders.


I've already banged a few girls on this trip and in each case, I had suggested the meeting place.

2. Spike the Conversation

Like I mentioned before, a girl might be interested in you but she's also likely convinced herself that this meeting is only platonic in nature. You need to snap her out of that frame in a subtle way. I like to start with innocent conversation and slowly turn up the heat with some juicier topics.

To start off I'll start asking about boyfriends. This keeps me from wasting time on unavailable girls and also opens up an avenue to talk about relationships in general. Once on the subject of relationships you can talk about what kind of guys she likes and if she seems game you can start throwing in more sexual topics.

Each time I banged a CS girl on this trip, we started off talking about relationships and naturally the conversation ended up about sex.

3. Bounce to Another Location

Just like on a regular date, you need to help create the illusion of time and familiarity. Bouncing to different locations helps to reenforce the idea that you have known eachother longer and builds comfort. It's also a good way to coax compliance and signal leadership. Women are attracted to and want to follow men who lead.

You don't have to be too creative with your bounce. You can go from a coffee shop to a simple walk in the park. It's best to go somewhere that you can escalate in private. Which brings me to my next tip.

4. Escalate (With Caution)

For the most part you should treat these meetups like a normal date. The thing with meeting girls on Couchsurfing though is that you want to avoid a negative review at all costs. You want to escalate but you also need to look for how she reacts to your escalating.

This should go without saying but if you're just starting out and not the best at reading body language, it's probably best to focus on normal dates before trying this with CS girls. Once you get some positive reactions and she starts to reciprocate, it's usually on. Remember that she came to meet you, a total stranger, which means she found you interesting to begin with.


At this point you need to suggest a final bounce to either her place or yours. Suggesting having some wine or tea will usally suffice if she's interested enough. Once there, game as normal and hopefully enjoy some steamy sex with a cute girl from a new city.

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