Is Daygame Easy?

Posted in Game on Oct 10, 2016

I don't really label myself as a player or pickup artist but compared to your average American male, you could make a strong case for it. I have decent game and have no problem talking to girls in general. Daygame, my newest hobby, however isn't quite as easy I thought it would be.

I made the mistake a lot of guys who frequent PUA focused forums and youtube channels do. I just kept reading and watching without putting anything into action. I take full responsibility for this but am not going to dwell on this too hard. Instead, I'm going to fix it.


I live in Las Vegas, a city notorious for nightlife. The majority of my lays come from nightgame with hosting girls from and Tinder being supplements. Daygame is possible in Las Vegas but very inconvenient. To do any effective daygame, I need to drive about 15-20 min from where I live and just troll up and down the strip or downtown. It's usually hit or miss because most of the talent is hungover or resting before hitting up nightclubs later. It's not easy to motivate myself to do that everyday.

I decided to do something about this. While it may sound a little drastic to some, I decided to fly halfway around the world to Eastern Europe and stay here for a little over a month. Pedestrian cities are great for daygame and Eastern Europe is full of gorgeous women. It's not a place where pussy just falls in your lap though. This is a good thing.


I recently arrived at my first stop Krakow, Poland. I set up a few dates with some cute local girls on Couchsurfing. Those haven't been too fruitful. This morning, I decided to get my feet wet and dive into daygame headfirst. I've approached girls in the daytime before and even got some numbers but I chalk it up to luck. Today was another story. I got quite a few blowouts and not a single number.

I'm not writing this to complain or say that everything I've read and watched about picking up cute Eastern European girls in the daytime is horseshit. Instead, I'm writing this as a call to action for myself and others looking to get into daygame. Today was a wakeup call for me because I had envisioned my sets going just like you would see in a Tom Torero or Krauser video. I know where I stand now and I can only improve from here.


I have a real basline to work with now and have some good ideas on what I need to improve on. I expect to get better over the coming weeks. My advice to you is get off the forums and YouTube and just start talking to girls.

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