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Travel Diaries: Krakow, What's The Endgame?

Posted in Travel Diaries on Oct 17, 2016

It was my second night in Krakow. My buddy and I had hit up a few clubs and bars to see if we could hook anything. I had a few good interactions and exchanged Facebook details with a Ukrainian girl. Other than that it was mostly a sausage fest. On our way back to the apartment we were approached by a somewhat cute girl.


Travel Diaries: Copenhagen, The Legend of Jon the Fisherman

Posted in Travel Diaries on Oct 03, 2016

It was my last night in Copenhagen and I was fiending for some poon. Unfortunately it was a weekday and my prospects had been pretty slim all night. It wasn’t looking too good.


Travel Diaries: Croatia, Trading Up

Posted in Travel Diaries on Sep 23, 2016

It was our first night in Dubrovnik, Croatia. My two friends and I decided to do a pub crawl to get a feel for the place and to meet some women. It was pretty good deal because for a moderate fee you get an hour to pregame at a small bar with unlimited shots and beer for free. After that you get discounts on booze at all the subsequent bars.


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