Your Employer Does Not Care About You

Posted in Self-Improvement on Sep 30, 2016

Recently my current employer made the decision to lay off a handful of people. As you might imagine this was pretty startling for the rest of the company. The realization that our livelihoods could unexpectedly be in jeopardy was all to real.



Posted in Self-Improvement on Sep 29, 2016

If you’re reading this blog or other blogs like it, more than likely you’re interested in improving yourself. Whether it’s to be able to attract more women or just to be the manliest man you can be, you’ve probably embarked on one self improvement quest or another. Exercising to lose weight and get stronger or learning a foreign language are worthy endeavors but aren’t the easiest to stick with. In order to see the true benefits you must stick with it. The key to sticking with anything is momentum.


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