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How To Meet and Bang Girls Using Couchsurfing

Posted in Game on Oct 21, 2016

I wrote a post not too long ago about setting up dates by messaging girls on the popular site I've had some pretty good success with seducing girls on these dates and felt I could share a few things about my experience.


Travel Diaries: Krakow, What's The Endgame?

Posted in Travel Diaries on Oct 17, 2016

It was my second night in Krakow. My buddy and I had hit up a few clubs and bars to see if we could hook anything. I had a few good interactions and exchanged Facebook details with a Ukrainian girl. Other than that it was mostly a sausage fest. On our way back to the apartment we were approached by a somewhat cute girl.


Is Daygame Easy?

Posted in Game on Oct 10, 2016

I don't really label myself as a player or pickup artist but compared to your average American male, you could make a strong case for it. I have decent game and have no problem talking to girls in general. Daygame, however is my newest hobby and it isn't quite as easy I thought it would be.


What To Do When She Calls You a Player

Posted in Game on Oct 04, 2016

Game and pick-up are all about presenting the best version of you. When a woman decides to date and eventually sleep with you it's because she feels at that moment that you are worthy of her time and intimacy. Whether you are or not is irrelivant. It's all about how she feels.


Travel Diaries: Copenhagen, The Legend of Jon the Fisherman

Posted in Travel Diaries on Oct 03, 2016

It was my last night in Copenhagen and I was fiending for some poon. Unfortunately it was a weekday and my prospects had been pretty slim all night. It wasn’t looking too good.


Your Employer Does Not Care About You

Posted in Self-Improvement on Sep 30, 2016

Recently my current employer made the decision to lay off a handful of people. As you might imagine this was pretty startling for the rest of the company. The realization that our livelihoods could unexpectedly be in jeopardy was all to real.



Posted in Self-Improvement on Sep 29, 2016

If you’re reading this blog or other blogs like it, more than likely you’re interested in improving yourself. Whether it’s to be able to attract more women or just to be the manliest man you can be, you’ve probably embarked on one self improvement quest or another. Exercising to lose weight and get stronger or learning a foreign language are worthy endeavors but aren’t the easiest to stick with. In order to see the true benefits you must stick with it. The key to sticking with anything is momentum.


What Is a Turgenev Girl?

Posted in Game on Sep 28, 2016

I stumbled upon the term “Turgenev girl” while reading a post on the excellent blog This is Trouble. A reader posted a detailed comment about girls with a specific set of qualities. I've encountered several girls like this but until now I didn't have a term to describe them.


Approaching for Introverts

Posted in Game on Sep 27, 2016

If you do a Google search on seduction or pick-up advice you’ll end up with all sorts of methods, tricks or techniques for attracting and hooking up beautiful women. No matter what kind of magic bullets they provide, however, there is no getting around the dreaded approach. To eventually have sex with a beautiful woman you’ve never met, you need to approach her first, plain and simple.


Photo Diaries: Prague

Posted in Travel, Photo Diaries on Sep 26, 2016

I spent several weeks in Prague back in March. It was nice to get away from the craziness that is Las Vegas and just enjoy the more laid back European vibe of this gorgeous, medieval city. Here are some photos from my time there.


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